jamaican pride


Jamaicans are a proud group of people, who take their swagger to a whole other level.  Imagine being Jamaican and not being able to live proud.

Jamaican Pride explores how homophobia continues to impact peoples culture and psyche. 

Jamaica has long been considered one of the most homophobic societies in the western hemisphere.  However, possibly more than 60% of my Jamaican social circle is gay. I wonder about the differences in how they live their lives.  Those in Jamaica never displaying affection in public for fear of their lives. Some engaging in risky lifestyles.  While others manage to find stable, albeit hidden, relationships and seem to live relatively happy lives.  

The docu-fiction feature, Jamaican Pride seeks to explore how Jamaicans deal with the systemic homophobia of the country. Interviews with LGBTQ Jamaicans will explore how they reconcile their national identity with their authentic self.  Sprinkled through the feature will be three narrative fiction shorts based on real stories of friends, family and lovers struggling to fight against their ingrained homophobia. 

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